Live life on your own terms…

Are you ready to take back control?

We know that diabetes is inconsistent, inexact and – most importantly – it’s individual. Here’s to an insulin pump packed full of choice, discretion (if you want it!) and simplicity…

You call the shots!

Had enough of products that think diabetes is all you are? Us too.

The way we see it, we’re here to help you live life on your own terms, not someone else’s. Kaleido gives you freedom and flexibility to do whatever makes you feel good – and we’re looking forward to coming along for the ride too!

What’s new?

Pets, holidays, new ideas – we love to share. There’s nothing we like more than talking about what we’re up to and hearing back from you. Browse our blog to keep up with Kaleido and join the conversation.

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Innovation that makes sense (and looks good)

Turning black and white to technicolour

Your pump is always with you, so why not style it out?

You can pick colours that reflect your mood, or just match your trainers.

It’s your Kaleido!

Choose your colour


Tech in all the right places

  • Full of brilliant choices
    Pick and mix for your perfect Kaleido.
  • Incredibly small and perfectly formed
    Show it off or keep it discreet – it’s your diabetes, so it’s up to you!
  • Simple to use, wear and understand
    We’re all about keeping it simple – because life is complicated enough.
  • Count on us…
    Kaleido gives super accurate insulin delivery that you can rely on.
  • Quick off the mark
    We’ve got a state of the art optical sensor that detects any insulin blockages straight away.
  • Wonderfully wireless
    Our handset and pump are wirelessly connected so you can say adios to unwanted tubing!
  • You’ve got the power!
    We think disposable batteries are just plain annoying, so Kaleido is fully rechargeable.
  • Ready for the real world
    Strong, durable and ready for whatever life throws your way.

Like what you see?

Yes? Great news! Let’s have a chat – just send us a few details and we’ll start the conversation.

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