What is Kaleido?


We know how essential it is to have an insulin pump system that you can trust, but we’ve heard rumbles that some of you are looking for all that and a bit more.

Kaleidoers are a fun-loving, fast moving and most importantly, a super eclectic bunch. And hey, that’s cool – variety is the spice of life, right? You want your pump to look good – you wear it every day, after all! – and you need it to slide into your lifestyle and have your back, no questions asked.


Kaleido is made up of two small, reusable pumps, one handset and a regular delivery of additional supplies – that’s a box that comes straight to your door, without the need to place an order, jam-packed with everything you need to use your Kaleido until your next delivery arrives.




Your Kaleido is designed to be bright, compact and convenient. Pumps and handsets are all small, light and colourful, weighing in at just 19g and 60g respectively. So, whether you keep them on show or sleekly concealed under your clothes – you’ll be comfortable, confident and ready to go about your day (and night!), no hassle.


Choose your colour



We’ve designed Kaleido to be simple to use and quick to navigate around. Our handset looks good too, with a clean, colourful interface packing in over 75,000 pixels. It’s just like your smartphone, because – spoiler alert! – good design makes a difference!

So, you need to bolus? That’s just a couple of clicks. Basal rate adjustment? A few seconds. We don’t want to slow you down (we’re enjoying the ride!), so our handset makes it easy to sort stuff out on the go.


Easy navigation Check profiles Bolus easily Get pumping!

How does it work?

  • Full of brilliant choices
    Colours, tubing and cannula lengths, where and how you wear it, the BG meter you use – pick and mix for your perfect Kaleido.
  • Incredibly small and perfectly formed
    Good things really do come in little packages! We’re pretty proud to stand out, but if you want to be discreet, no biggie. Our wireless handset is easy to use and perfect for avoiding any unwanted attention – whoop whoop!
  • Simple to use, wear and understand
    Insulin pumping has a bad rep for being complicated – we’re here to change this, so you can spend less time thinking about diabetes and more time living life.
  • Count on us…
    Your insulin pump has a job to do, so we’ve developed a micro delivery system unlike anything else around. You’ll get insulin delivery that’s accurate and reliable with every single dose. No exceptions.
  • Quick off the mark
    Insulin blockages are few and far between with Kaleido – but when it comes to detecting them, we’re the cat’s pyjamas. Thanks to our state of the art optical sensor, if something’s wrong, you’ll know about it quick sharp.
  • You’ve got the power!
    We couldn’t bear the thought of Kaleido being thrown away, so we’ve made our pumps and handsets fully rechargeable. That means they’re better for the environment and more convenient. Goodbye disposable batteries, hello Kaleido!
  • Customer care with heart
    We like making friends, so with Kaleido Care on call you should always feel like there’s someone on hand to help out. We’ll happily talk you through any question or worry you might have, leaving you more time for the fun stuff!
  • Ready for the real world
    A handset that’s simple to use. A pump that’s durable and waterproof. A team that’s on your side. What more can we say?

The little extras

At Kaleido, our attitude towards design and usability reaches every part of the device. The Kaleido charging dock is sleek and portable so you’ll never be caught short. Plug it in, and your pump or handset will be powered up in less than two hours.


Colour is everywhere

… even where you don’t expect it. Vibrancy is a key ingredient in the Kaleido way of life, so why keep that for the parts people can see? Even our insulin cartridges come in a range of colours so you can mix it up and keep it bright – like we said, it’s the little things. What’s not to love about that?


Where to find us

Soon, we’ll be letting Kaleido loose in the Netherlands and UK. Next up, we’ve got big plans. We’re heading all over the world – we’re thinking global domination! Keep an eye on our map to see where we’ll be next.

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