Say hello to Kaleido!

So, here’s Kaleido, insulin pump therapy designed to help you live life on your own terms. It’s personal, discreet, always simple to use and easy to understand. The way we see it, pumping should give you the freedom and flexibility you need to do whatever makes you feel good.


Why Kaleido?

Done right, an insulin pump system should give you 24/7 freedom, convenience and peace of mind. We’ve designed Kaleido with all that and plenty more, so you can have better control with less hassle, and more time to spend doing the things you love.

What can it do for you?

You Kaleidoers are a fun-loving, fast-moving bunch with different lives, jobs and interests – and hey, that’s cool – variety is the spice of life, right? That’s why Kaleido is customisable, to give you the flexibility you want when it comes to choosing the right equipment, settings and colours for you.

How does it work?

With every Kaleido comes two pumps and one handset, all of which are fully rechargeable and wonderfully wireless. Choose a conventional or patch pump style, record your BG and top up quickly… Kaleido is a cinch to use, every time.

Want to know how it works?

Two pumps

Kaleido comes with two small, rechargeable pumps. This way, one can be charging or charged while you’re using the other. Each pump lasts for about three days so when you change your insulin cartridge and infusion sets, you always have a pump ready to go!

One handset

Your handset is all you need to control Kaleido, and it’s rechargeable just like your pumps. You’ll use your handset to make any changes to your pump setup (it’s your best bud!), so it’s easy to navigate and looks pretty good too.


Your pump and handset use a secure Bluetooth® Low Energy channel to connect, which means hassle free, discreet insulin delivery, round the clock.

Topping up

Then there are the disposable parts. This is the stuff you need to keep pumping. That’s our 200-unit insulin cartridges, our 9mm or 6mm infusion sets and our hook and loop body patches for those of you who want to go patch pump style.


Because no two people are the same.

It’s personal

We don’t see why medical devices need to look so… medical. Unlike other pumps Kaleido comes in 10 rainbow-spanning colour combinations, so you can pick a colour combo that suits you. With our pump and body patches and two tubing lengths, you can wear Kaleido wherever it suits.



With lots of choice when it comes to the practicalities of pumping, as well as the way your pump and handset will look, Kaleido offers you individuality that you rarely associate with diabetes. Make the decisions that make YOU happy and pick exactly what you want to wear from your wardrobe. Choose to show your Kaleido off with patches or conceal it under your clothes with longer tubing, it’s up to you!

Let’s inject some colour

Gold, blue, pink, orange… Pick the colour combination you want for your pumps and handset – we’ve got 10 colour combinations, so you can choose a perfect matching colour combination!

To patch or not to patch?

Kaleido combines the freedom of a patch pump with the versatility of a conventional pump. Keep it close with our hook and loop patches (it won’t budge) and short 5cm tubing or slip it into your pocket with a longer 30cm option. Unlike other patch pumps, Kaleido doesn’t get thrown away. Your pump, your way, with less waste.

BG, your way

Whatever you use to monitor your blood glucose, it’s easy to log your readings on your Kaleido handset – whether that’s a standard meter, CGM or flash meter. Kaleido will slide right into your day-to-day so you don’t have to compromise on what works for you. And if you fancy a little more info, just upload your data to Glooko+diasend® for a full report.

Infusion sets

Kaleido comes with 6 or 9mm straight Teflon cannulas, so, with a little help from your Healthcare provider you can choose what works for you. We’ve also designed an intuitive inserter to make set changes a breeze.

Orange Kaleido Red Kaleido Pink Kaleido Purple Kaleido Blue Kaleido Turquoise Kaleido Green Kaleido Gold Kaleido Silver Kaleido Black Kaleido


Candy Cane

Fancy Flamingo

Lavender Grove



Pumpkin Spice



Black Magic

Let’s inject some colour

Gold, blue, pink, orange… Pick the colour combination you want for your pumps and handset - we’ve got 10 colour combinations, so you can choose a perfect matching colour combination!


So it fits with you, not the other way around.

It’s discreet (if you want it to be!)

Kaleido pumps and handsets are among the smallest around. Our pump is so compact and light you might forget you’re connected, even with 200 units packed in, and with it being only 5 by 3.5 by 1.25 cm big it’s smaller than most matchboxes!

Show it or hide it.

With the option to choose your favourite tubing length (5 or 30 cm) and different places to wear Kaleido, you can decide to show it off or tuck it out of sight. Kaleido gives you the option to do what suits you.

Fitting in

No bulky and outdated looking items to pull out at a fancy restaurant or important business meeting with Kaleido! Our handset fits in with the tools and tech that is all around you in daily life.


Life is complicated enough.


We’ve designed the Kaleido handset to be simple to use and quick to navigate, because – spoiler alert! – good design makes a difference! So, you need to bolus? That’s just a couple of clicks. Basal rate adjustment? A few seconds. We don’t want to slow you down (we’re enjoying the ride!), so our handset makes it easy to sort stuff out on the go and stores up to 90 days of data to look back at, all easy to upload and accessible  via Glooko+diasend®.

5 Home screen
5 Basal
5 Bolus
5 Insulin on Board

Real life tools

Life comes with lots of twists and turns, so we designed Kaleido to be multitalented so you can roll with the punches. There’s KaleidoculatorTM to help you with your boluses, temporary basal rates to fit your lifestyle (whether that’s an adjustment for your yoga class or a strategy when things aren’t quite where you want them), along with our unique customizable ratios and basal rates to match your body clock, around the clock!

Infusion set placement

Changing your infusion set isn’t a fun job, but it can be quick and easy. We’ve designed our Kaleido infusion set inserter so all you need to do is load it up, peel off the paper, and place it on one of the many recommended places you can wear Kaleido.


So you can rely on it.

Pulse technology

Kaleido delivers insulin in a revolutionary way. Our system is one-of-a-kind and works with micro pulse delivery, which guarantees insulin pumping that’s consistent and reliable every time. Knowing that you’re getting exactly what you need, exactly when you need it means less time thinking about diabetes, more time living your life.



Waterproof pumps

Our pumps are waterproof for up to 1,5 meter for 1 hour

200 units

Fill your Kaleido insulin cartridge with 200 units of rapid acting U-100 insulin – NovoRapid® or Humalog®

Three days of use

With normal use (that means in every daily life where you use less than 200 units of insulin every 3 days), your pump battery will last over three days… easy!


Your handset stores up to 90 days of data, all easy to upload and accessible via Glooko+diasend®

Pen to pump

Think pumps are difficult? We know that the idea of pump therapy can be daunting, but there’s lots of benefits to it as well, like better control of glucose levels and quality of life!

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