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No Kaleido? Back to the pen, then!

When 2 months ago, Kaleido’s e-mail telling me to stop using their pump appeared out of thin air, it was quite a sh...

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Pregnancy special: Welcome to the world Ayleen

A big moment during my pregnancy was when the word was finally out. I have received so many nice reactions from fri...

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Being part of Kaleido Care: the struggles, the rewards, and the fun parts

When I first heard about Kaleido I was immediately drawn in by all the vibrant colors and cheeky phrases. So vibran...

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Period and diabetes

Tine's story on hormones and type 1 diabetes

I received my diabetes diagnosis in 2013, and at that time I was taking the contraceptive pill. I didn’t give it ...

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To our very first doctors...

It’s almost a running gag. So much so, that when I was at a big international diabetes conference one of the leadin...

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Our worst nightmare... that field safety warning

As a company that makes medical devices, you know the products and services you provide are able to improve lives. ...

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FIELD SAFETY NOTICE Kaleido insulin cartridge destruction

March 4th, 2020. Important safety notice about our Kaleido insulin cartridge.

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Dating with Diabetes

When I first asked my diabetes team about the possibility of switching to an insulin pump in 2014, I was in a long-...

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What I learned in 7 years with diabetes

On the 8th of February of 2013, I ended up in the hospital in Diabetes Ketoacidosis, after having Googled my sympto...

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