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Our worst nightmare... that field safety warning

As a company that makes medical devices, you know the products and services you provide are able to improve lives. ...

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FIELD SAFETY NOTICE Kaleido insulin cartridge destruction

March 4th, 2020. Important safety notice about our Kaleido insulin cartridge.

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Dating with Diabetes

When I first asked my diabetes team about the possibility of switching to an insulin pump in 2014, I was in a long-...

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What I learned in 7 years with diabetes

On the 8th of February of 2013, I ended up in the hospital in Diabetes Ketoacidosis, after having Googled my sympto...

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Better-than-good new year’s resolutions

Entering my blood sugar level on my handset, I inadvertently breathe a deep sigh. It’s an unmistakeable ‘I’m fed up...

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Pregnancy special: my first trimester with Kaleido

Well... where should I start. It was at 18 that I first learnt about a disease called diabetes, and that I had it. ...

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Kaleido wedding special: the happily ever after

When people tell you how quickly your wedding day whooshes by, you never believe them. But before I knew it, the DJ...

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Cooking, eating, and diabetes

Cooking, eating and diabetes

When I was asked to write a blog about type 1 diabetes, cooking, and eating during the festive season, I didn't nee...

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Kaleido wedding special: Preparing for the wedding!

Well here we are, the wedding is so close now the excitement around us is palpable. I’m not sure I’ve allowed the e...

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