It’s our birthday!

We love this time of year… the start of autumn, cosy jumpers, crisp fallen leaves… and it’s our birthday!

This September marks one whole year since we launched Kaleido to the world at EASD 2015. To celebrate, we’re looking forward to getting back on the road – we’re packing our bags, getting the band back together and heading to Munich for EASD 2016 next week!

Will you be there too?

Yes? Great! We’d love to see you! Come and say hello at stand V.01…you won’t be able to miss us!

Not able to be there? No worries! Here’s a sneak peak of everything we’ve been up to since last year…

In March, we added our bolus calculator, Kaleidoculator, to our Kaleido handsets. With three adjustable insulin to carb and insulin to BG ratios, and insulin on board calculated using a linear decay that includes all boluses, Kaleidoculator helps take away some of the maths involved in working out how much to bolus. We think it’s pretty quick and easy to use too.


And (drum roll please…), we also got our CE mark this year! That means we’re fully approved and certified for use in Europe and all other territories that recognise CE. A big moment for the whole Kaleido team! We’re now getting ready for our commercial launch in the Netherlands and the UK, where Kaleido will be available by the end of this year.


Not only that, but we’ve heard lots this last year about how important having an infusion set inserter is to many people. So, we’ve brought our infusion set production in-house and we’re now the proud owners of the Kaleido infusion set! This means we’ve been able to design our very own Kaleido infusion set inserter. It’s still in the prototypes stages for now, but we’re planning to have it ready to go before the end of this year. And, just like everything we do at Kaleido, we’ve made sure it’s simple to use and good to look at. So keep your eyes peeled for photos…and if you’re in Munich and you’re lucky, you may even catch a sneaky peek!

And (because we always like to save the best for last!), our absolutely huge news is that we now have our very first Kaleidoers using Kaleido! That’s right, we’ve unleashed Kaleido into the wild in the Netherlands and now have nearly 3000 hours of usage recorded. Whoop whoop! It’s still a selective and controlled launch for now, but we’re loving seeing the first people to use Kaleido enjoying it, and getting some really encouraging results too.

That’s it from us for now! If you’d like to find out more, drop us an email or, if you’re in Munich, pop on over to our EASD 2016 stand (V.01 in the exhibition hall at ICM Messe München). We’ll also be sending regular updates from Munich on Twitter @HeyKaleido, so follow along for all the Kaleido action!

Speak to you soon!


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