Kaleido is Go Go Go!

Here at the Kaleido HQ we're dancing our happy dance. Over the last few months we’ve been working hard to hand out Kaleido to lots of people who’ve been patiently waiting. Because it’s here… Kaleido is now available on prescription throughout the Netherlands, and it’s reimbursed by all insurers! Hurray!

We asked Michael, our CEO, what it means to him: In 2014, at Kaleido, we set off on a mission, one where we wanted to bring the world an insulin pump that had the customer at the heart of it. It’s really pleasing to see that our company now in 2018 is running at full speed!”

Our medical advisor, Dr Storms, has been along for the ride with us: “As soon as I met the Kaleido team I knew I wanted to help. At last a pump that puts the user first!

Alex Evans, our CCO, is equally happy to let Kaleido free into the wild: “We are delighted to be able to see that our continuous efforts regarding awareness and access to Kaleido has resulted in full support from all insurance companies here in the Netherlands. As a Dutch company it is pleasing to receive such support. It’s been especially exciting to also see the vast interest and support from our customers, of which many have patiently waited for us to make such an announcement. To all of you: thank you for your persistence and we look forward to welcoming you to the Kaleido family.”

At the moment every week new people join the Kaleido family! And, to make the family even bigger, we continue in 2019 to work on our plans to bring Kaleido to more countries across Europe, including the United Kingdom.

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