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World Diabetes Day special: What Kaleido means to me

You're nine years old, and the paediatrician tells you that you’ll spend the rest of your life dealing with a nasty...

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My journey from Dia-BAD to Diabadass!

I was diagnosed with type one diabetes at the age of 6, way back in 1997. Most people make the assumption that beca...

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Body image and wedding dress shopping

Kaleido Wedding Special: Body image and wedding dress shopping

So let’s talk about the dress in more detail shall we?

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Mental Health Day 2019: Dare to Share!

Research shows that when you have diabetes, your risk of developing depression more than doubles. In fact, some stu...

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EASD Kaleido table

What a welcome to Kaleido!

Having just spent the past week in Barcelona at the EASD conference, I can honestly say I couldn’t be working with ...

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Starter kit for Niki 3 03

Kaleido Wedding Special: and so it begins...

Leading up to Friday 6th September 2019, I felt such excitement and a smidgen of apprehension all at the same time....

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Medical card promo full

Medical Device Awareness Card

My name is Rachel and my son, George, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was eight, back in 2010. After 3 y...

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Kaleido Wedding Special

Kaleido Wedding Special: My fiancée and her T1D

When I first met Niki, I had no idea she had diabetes (not that it mattered to me of course). It wasn’t long before...

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Like a bullet train

Believe me, I usually love to show off my Kaleido. I attach it somewhere on my upper arm, matching it with my colou...

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