An update on our UK launch

Picture it:​ it’s EASD 2015, we’re in Stockholm and Kaleido bursts onto the scene for the very first time. We show the industry a new proposition for the insulin pump market – the smallest insulin pump around, with the user right at the heart of its design. We also shared our short-term commercial goals: first, to launch in the Netherlands. Second, launch in the UK.

Last April, in 2018, we ticked off the first on that list and made good on our promise, bringing Kaleido to lots of eager users who were patiently waiting for us in the Netherlands. 2019 is the year we complete stage 2. United Kingdom, we’re coming for you!

Earlier this year, we decided that ViCentra (Kaleido’s manufacturer) would launch in the UK with their own sales and service team. Originally, our plan was to use a diabetes specialist distributor, but we gave it some thought, and being a company with a strong British foundation, we felt that we have the knowledge and skills to do it ourselves. At the same time, we can snuggle up that little bit closer to our customers to offer them an even better experience.

Since then, we’ve been busy planning and preparing. We’re so excited to get going, but there’s a few very important things that need to be taken care of first. We’re working on building an experienced, customer-focused team, developing the appropriate processes so service is always tip-top, and ensuring access.

We’re aiming to recruit our first UK Kaleidoers over the summer, through select clinics we can work closely alongside to make sure our training and service are up to the top notch standard we expect. Once we’re happy, we’ll launch more widely throughout the UK in the months that follow.

We know that lots of you are keen to get your hands on Kaleido asap (we don’t blame you!) but we think this plan is the best way to make sure every Kaleidoer gets the experience they deserve!

Interested in staying updated on our progress? Drop us a note and we’ll add you to our UK mailing list.

About Alex

Alex is our UK Country Manager and a long term ViCentra/Kaleido employee. Born and raised in Wales, his spare time is usually taken by gigs, motorbike rides and almost any competitive sport. Recently Alex became a proud dad to a little brute named Ezra.

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